Saturday, March 21, 2009

What color should this be?

I have been asked by everyone at least once if I'm feeling the baby move yet. I am in my 18th week and have been feeling more and more like I should be feeling something but I am the kind of person that wants to know for sure that is what I am feeling before I confirm it. There were a few times over the last few weeks where I thought it might be the baby but I just wasn't sure.

Earlier this week I had a mishap. I tried to open our jogging stroller to go for a walk with the twins as I am trying to be a little more active this time around and I lost my balance and fell flat on my back into our crushed brick that surrounds the shrubs in our front yard. I was so worried about the baby that I didn't even care about the scratches from the brick. I called my doctor's office and the first thing they said was "are you feeling the baby more". At this point, frustrated and scared, I told the nurse that I hadn't but I felt like I should be because everyone keeps treating me like I should be feeling it. The nurse assured me that it is still a little early and that some people don't feel the baby move until 22 weeks. She told me the baby is still very small and that my body took most of the brunt of the fall if not all of it. I had no spotting or cramping but I have been worried ever since.

Today, however, I was sitting at the computer, doing nothing important and I thought I felt what was obviously a light kick. I stopped and thought to the baby, "OK, now do it again" and the little baby did, twice. I have been sitting here smiling ever since. I feel confident that what I felt this afternoon was definitely the baby.

I recorded the first for certain kick of either Bailey or Cooper at 18 weeks 6 days and it was so strong that I believe I felt it almost everyday from then on. This is a little more than a week sooner but I feel pretty confident it was a kick or maybe a nudge. When I felt Bailey and Cooper move for the first time I started my baby belly shots. I wasn't very good at them, I only took them about once every four weeks because I hate having my picture taken. In celebration of this monumental occasion I am going to begin the belly photos. Unfortunately, the wonderful stretch marks accrued during the pregnancy with the twins will force me to keep my shirt down but I may post the belly shots here. I haven't quite decided. It will depend on just how bad the double chin looks.

I have to go uncover my tripod and bask in this wonderful moment.

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Cheryle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. I always felt so vulnerable when I was pregnant, even though my doc kept assuring me that my little guys were extremely well protected.

Anyway, it's nice to know that you've been rewarded with a kick. Probably his/her way of saying, "Knock it off, mom. I was sleeping when you did that!"

I look forward to the belly shots. And I wouldn't even care if you showed the stretch marks. They're just signs of a healthy body growing strong, healthy babies!