Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really, I Don't Have A Lot Of Extra Time To Do Nothing.

Even though I know this post is going to suggest otherwise.

I have a few websites I check every morning. My email, my favorite blogs, facebook, babycenter and now Twitter. Babycenter is my newest obsession. When I was pregnant with the twins I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms from the very beginning and I read twelve dozen pregnancy books seven times each while soaking hour upon hour in the tub. This time I have had very little symptoms for the past six weeks and I am almost constantly in doubt that there really is a baby growing in there somewhere. I haven't spent much or any time reading those pregnancy books (I mean I practically know them by heart by now anyways) and I have spent hours upon hours reading 'Middlesex' (and have yet to finish).

No, this pregnancy I have taken the energy that I used to read pregnancy books last time to be absolutely crazy. Reading about baby names (we've decided, I think), taking gender tests and now chatting with (other second trimester) babes on-line. It's been pretty interesting to say the least, to read about all of these women's symptoms and their mother-in-law rants but yesterday I came across the most interesting thing to date. A Parent and Child Horoscope Tool.

You are into horoscopes aren't you? Well, at the risk of sounding even crazier than you may already suspect, I do read about horoscope signs. I don't care for the day to day horoscopes in the paper but I am intrigued by how on the nose they can be when describing my sign or those of others I know. A few years ago, or a dozen, I don't really remember, I read that Leos (which is what I am [July 23-August 22]) have the closest relationships to Aries [March 19-April 19] and Sagittarius[November 23-December 21] signs. Well, my best friend throughout school was an Aries and my husband and his sister are both Sagittarius. Sagittarius signs don't take much heed in following their astrological signs, but they should because they can really be quite insightful to ones life. For example, you may know if you would be better suited with a Leo or a Virgo [August 23-September 22] for a child if you were say, a Leo pregnant with a child due August 27th.

If we were to have a Leo this is what it says :"Remember your little one craves the spotlight, just as you do. You both feed off attention, so be sure to give your child plenty of approval for his many talents. On the other hand, you can expect some battles when your little Leo pits his authority against yours." and then later it says "Since you're both a bit emotionally sensitive beneath your courageous exteriors, you could easily hurt each other's feelings."

First, I am not so sure I feed off attention (you know where to leave comments right?) or crave the spotlight but I do know that I can be a little emotionally sensitive and I don't want to hurt my child's feelings. A Virgo seems much better suited perhaps for my courageous, adventurous exterior, read on:

"She admires and adores you -- and you love being adored! " I do love admiration and adoration-they're two things I always look for in a child. But please read on:

"She's naturally more reserved than you are, so she'll always look up to your bright, courageous, dynamic personality. In fact, you're the perfect parent to draw her out a bit and help her relax more. As she tends to be a bit on the anxious side, your open, playful energy can be a really good influence on her. Best of all, you're steady and loyal enough to provide your Virgo child with the solid foundation she depends on. "

Now I am a little worried about my unborn anxious child but I look forward to drawing 'her' out of 'her' shell, but let me draw your attention to the words "perfect parent". That is exactly what I am going for with this naturally 'she' has to be a Virgo now-right?

Oh, and by the way I'm feeling a bit yellowish.

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