Wednesday, March 25, 2009

17 weeks, 5 days

You asked for 'em, you got 'em. First off, I just love black and white. I can't help it I just do. Secondly, I really didn't want to show the whole belly but changing the photo to black and white hid my wonderfully awful stretchmarks.
I believe my side profile actually looks better than a full on shot, who would have thought. And I hate my chest. I know, I really shouldn't complain but I feel like my breasts get disgustingly huge during pregnancy. I have to buy bras in letters I didn't even know existed before pregnancy. I found that when I lifted the awful things off my stomach, I don't look all that big. I weigh a few lbs less at this stage of my pregnancy then I did at this stage in my last pregnancy but I am carrying one less human so that probably explains a lot.
The baby has continued to move though the movements are still rather subtle. I just love it. I feel like it's this little secret I can tell you about but it's only something I can experience. I will continue to love it until at 29 or so weeks the baby decides to crawl into my ribcage. Bailey was wedged up under my ribcage for the last month or so of her gestation and it was one of it not the worst things physically about being pregnant with twins. I am hoping that this baby has enough room in there that he sees no reason to go crawling into my ribs. I thought I would be deformed for the rest of my life with all the pain I went through last time.
I am going to try and take pictures at least every two weeks but I can sometimes be a slacker so who knows what will happen. My number one reason to take them is because I think it will be neat to show the kids someday.


Cheryle said...

Oh, what a beautiful baby! Thank you so much for taking these photos and showing them off!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

These are great.