Sunday, March 1, 2009

Because Every One Could Use A Few Widgets

On this here Sunday morning, I am being EXTREMELY lazy perusing baby names, finding widgets and above all else, not cleaning my house for today's family dinner that may not even take place.

Today is the first day of March so Mother Nature has decided now is the time to bless us with up to ten inches of snow in the next 24 hours. And here I was thinking spring was just around the corner. I guess I was wishing it was just around the corner.

Being stuck inside can lead to boredness and being bored can lead to doing things you never really thought you would, like for instance mixing your own urine with Drano (or rather have some other person do the mixing) in order to find out the gender of our third child. You see I was never concerned with the gender of the twins. The day we found out we were having twins a lady in the Reproductive Endorcrinologist's office told me we were having a boy and a girl and so I was always a little confident in that prediction and it turned out to be right at 23 weeks. I never did a lot of gender quizzes and the only time I peed in cups was at the doctors office. But this time around I seem to be fixed on this babies gender, I think to be honest with you, it is because I am reading 'Middlesex' right now and even though Todd is not my brother or my second cousin I seem to be fixated on gender determination (the fact that my doctor seems to wait longer than anyone else to do the BIG ultrasound could also be contributing). So yesterday, in the throes of boredom, we carried out the highly scientific Drano test and our results were...boy.

Now, do we really know if this is accurate, no not really. But Todd already thought it was a boy and he had convinced me and now with the results of our Drano test I feel like I can back down a little in the crazy department (or at least focus my attention elsewhere, like on widgets) and just tell myself it is a boy. We like to pick names far ahead of ever knowing what we are having and so we have already picked out the babies name whether it is a boy or a girl. Like his or her brother and sister, he or she will also have two middle names. If you will remember, I won baby naming rights to this singleton child but Todd's veto power carried more weight than I imagined and I will only say that coming up with possible names for this child has been no where near as easy as it was with Bailey and Cooper.

So the baby is a boy, blah blah blah, maybe, we'll see in 8 more weeks, blah blah blah.

On to other news. We have decided to go to Arizona in May for two weeks to see Todd's brothers and sister and all of our neices and nephews. And even though I will be approaching my third trimester we will be going with them on a trip to Disneyland. I am very excited about the whole trip though I am nervous and worried about how the twins will do with travelling on a plane, sleeping in someone else's house, and long days in Disney. I am optimistic however that any difficulties will be over shadowed in the long run with great memories with family. We will also be seeing Todd's dad (whom I've only met once) and his new wife (whom no one in the family has met). It should be an interesting and fun-filled two weeks to say the least.

In honor of babies and trips to Disney and because I have not wanted to get off the couch, I have found some interesting and fun-filled widgets to countdown to the biggest things happening around here because everyone could use a few widgets.


wesley's mom said...

I think the differing accounts of your "experiment" are hilarious!

I wanted to let you know, that Mitzy said she has also done the drano test (which is so unlike her) and it was accurate for her too.

Alexis said...

Wow, the Drano test does seem very un-Mitzy like.