Thursday, October 29, 2009

bad news

I'm sorry if you are unaware of this story. I'm sorry that I am bringing it to your attention, I'm sorry it was brought to my attention, I am sorrier that it ever happened and sorriest for the poor girl to which it happened.

I am outraged. Sickened. I don't know why or even how people do the horrid things they do. I don't know how the victims of such tragedies survive. I am disgusted that there are people out there who would do such a thing, or watch such a thing transpire without doing something, anything, to end it.

I don't know how I would rationally handle such an occurance should it happen to my own daughter. Would there be any reason to deal rationally? Could there be any way to react rationally? I have been thinking, almost nonstop since I read and heard about this story, how do I keep my daughter safe?

I know there really isn't any fail safe way to see that she always remains unharmed. The very thought is enough to cause unremitting sleeplessness.

So much for decent sleep tonight.


Priscila said...

I am new to your blog and wanted to pop in and say hi! This bad news doesnt sound good at all..praying for you

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Todd said...

Hey, I was just stopping by your blog to be totally oblivious to what you're writing about. I really don't care what you have to say, but I hope you come by and check out my blog: TotallySelfAbsobed@Blogspot.ARG

There is no rational way to handle that situation. If it happened to my daughter I would hunt down and torture every one involved with Old Testament Fury.

Cheryle said...

You can't keep daughters - or sons - safe from life. All you can do it teach them how to handle themselves and how to be wise about what they do.

Having said that, and having once been a teenaged girl myself, I know it's awfully hard for young people to resist the lure of the their peers, and it's also awfully easy to get into dangerous situations. Most of us survive physically, if not mentally, unscathed. Unfortunately for this young girl, she escaped neither the physical nor mental damage.

My question in situations such as these is, "What the hell kinds of boys are these? What part of them is missing that they could do this to a girl?" And yet maybe they were raised in good families with parents who tried to teach them the right way.

I just don't know the answers. But I do know you can't cage your kids or protect them from everything. Love them, raise them well - and hope and pray for the best.

I'll keep you and this young girl in my prayers.