Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In less than three weeks!

Our big ultrasound has finally been scheduled. I know that most people only get one ultrasound during pregnancy (and that's nowadays) but having rountine ultrasounds with the twins has made it a lot more difficult to go so long this time without an ultrasound (and we have already had two, one at 7 weeks another at 11 weeks). With the baby moving I have felt a little calmer but I am really looking forward to the longer, more in depth 22 week ultrasound. And of course, we do want to know what we are having.

This big ultrasound raises a small problem however. The past two routine appointments have been on a Friday and my sister has been able (and quite willing fortunately) to watch the twins for me as she is off on Fridays. My ultrasound is on a Tuesday and we don't really have alternate care for the twins. My mother-in-law works Mon-Thurs and so does pretty much everyone else I know. I would like to have Todd come along for the ultrasound, as I know he will enjoy it as much as I will. So that doesn't leave us a lot of options for childcare. I have a few friends who stay at home but they all have their own kids and I have never asked if they would watch my kids. I just feel like asking other mother's to watch my two is asking a lot. I know if we are truly desperate we can bring the twins to the ultrasound but I am not sure that the tech would like that very much, not to mention that is would keep Todd so busy that I'm not sure he would really benefit from even being there if that is the case.

So should I ask my mother-in-law to take time off of work? Do I ask one of my few friends I have left to watch my children? Or do I just accept the fact that Todd won't get to be there for the BIG ultrasound?

We have known about the ultrasound on the 21st for almost a week now and as excited as I am about seeing the baby I haven't been able to stop thinking about this predicament. Maybe that's the reason I have such bad headahes lately. I worry about every silly little thing.


James said...

Well, if the alternative is for Todd to stay home with the kids, he might as well bring them and catch what he can. It's not ideal but better than nothing.

Cheryle said...

I'd bring the twins. They're young, but surely they will feel the excitement and like being part of the process. It might not mean much to them now, but it will surely mean a lot to all three babies later in life!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Ask your mother-in-law. Maybe she will be so excited about a chance to babysit she will take the time off work.