Friday, February 12, 2010

Giving up is too decisive for me.

Last week was a good week.  Despite a lot of snow that we in these parts are just not accustomed to, I actually ran over 17 miles.  That’s right, first week all year to actually reach my goal of 15 miles.  I felt so good about it that this week I’ve run two miles.  I’m sort of like a roller coaster, I know. 

Despite my pathetic totals for the week I did go ahead and register for my first real race of the season.  A 5k trail race held by Liberty University next Saturday morning.  We even have a babysitter lined up ahead of time.  Of course, we still have snow everywhere and they are already calling for more so the race will probably get cancelled but I am going to hold on hope for just a little longer.  The true beginning of the race season, which begins full force the beginning of March, does have me excited.  I knew the winter would be hard but we haven’t had snow like this…well not since before I was born, and this winter and all the snow has been constantly testing everything I worked so hard for last fall.  But I think despite all the draw backs I’m getting better.  I did only two  miles last night but they were sprint intervals at which I was running about 8% faster than my 5k pace on the treadmill which should amount to even more on the actually road because I always find that I run faster on the actual road than on the treadmill. 

I have been baking a lot.  I just love it, you could even say I’ve become addicted to it.  I make the kids something from scratch almost every morning nowadays.  They had cereal for the first time in over ten days this morning and that’s because we were running behind, because I have Buttermilk Pancake batter just sitting in the fridge ready to go.  I have also been submitting my work to a trendy food site.  And being constantly rejected.  It is really bruising my ego.  And has made me start to really criticize my food photography and realize a lot of my photos are crap.  I also wish I still had Adobe Lightroom, it was so awesome. So I’ve been researching technique and  new recipes.  This weekend I am going to try my first scones ever and perhaps some Beignets.  I am also going to attempt a Valentine Cake for my sweeties. And of course take four hundred photos.  And resubmit to snobby but very trendy food site. And then, because they’re bound to reject me, resubmit again.  I. Must. Get. Accepted. 

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